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100% Baseball Sunglasses

100% Baseball Sunglasses are worn by many Major League Baseball Players including guys like Manny Machado, Robinson Cano, Kyle Schwarber, Wilson Contreras, Fernando Tatis Jr, Orlando Arcia G, Jesus Aguilar and more!

100% Sunglasses started with Cycling and Moto Cross but are growing fast in the baseball sunglass world because of the highest quality lens technology. 100% Sunglass lens enhances detail, definition and creates the best color visual. 100% Sunglasses filter through light rays which sharpens your surroundings to see more of what matters in an increase of contrast and color definition. 100% Sunglasses are known for how beautiful their lens display colors, but they are also known for reducing glare and being the most comfortable Baseball Sunglasses on the market.

100 percent Baseball Sunglasses are made with high-quality materials that create a flexible, more durable and comfortable performance eyewear. These Baseball Glasses are shatterproof, lightweight, bending strength and 100% UV injection. All 100% Sunglasses have Thin temple tips for comfortable wear with helmets and hats, and rubber nose pads and tips that prevents fogging and creates the most popular pair of Baseball Sunglasses you will ever wear. All 100% Sunglasses are designed in California and made in Italy.