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Mens Sliders

Unfortunately, not every baseball diamond is perfectly manicured like an MLB field. This can make sliding into bases not only scary, but painful. But have no fear, a quality pair of baseball sliders can take away any fear you have. At Bases Loaded, we carry menís sliders that have padding, and some that have pockets for a cup as well. A pair of menís baseball sliders is a must for any ballplayer. Choose from our wide variety of menís sliders below!
Having the right pair of sliding shorts can make a complete difference in your game. Here at Bases Loaded we have a cornucopia of menís baseball sliders. We have all the top brands from All-Star, Easton, Marucci, Mizuno, New Balance, and Under Armour. If you like no padding or extra padding in your baseball sliding shorts Bases Loaded have all types of sliders. Bases Loaded also have extra long that go over the knee to also full length tights. If your looking for protection why sliding or looking for great compression, Bases Loaded has the sliders for you. Mostly ever baseball slider has a cup holder to protect the family jewels. If you need any other questions answered please call us at 866-983-0633 and one of our expert associates will be able to help you out with any baseball slider questions.