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Womens & Girls Sliders

With how fast the game of softball is, fastpitch athletes need to be able to play freely and slide into a bag at any moment. Sliding into bases can be tough if youíre scared of getting scraped up or cut. Thatís why itís so important to have a pair of sliders thatíll keep you from getting scraped up. We at Bases Loaded carry a wide variety of brands and designs. Choose from our wide selection of quality womenís and girlís sliders below!
With softball player getting strong and faster you need to protect yourself with womenís and girls sliders. These sliding shorts are designed specifically for the female athlete. These sliders for womenís and girls have extra padding to help with sliding. Bases Loaded has all the top brands From Intensity, Rip-It, Mizuno, and Under Armour. Be the best player you can with the confidence of wearing sliders that can protect you. If you need any other questions answered please call us at 866-983-0633 and one of our expert associates will be able to help you out with any fastpitch softball Sliders questions. Grab a pair of new sliders at Bases Loaded today.