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Axe Bat - Axe Handle Baseball & Softball Bats

Axe Bat - Axe Handle Baseball & Softball Bats

Why should you choose an Axe Handle? Why should you purchase an Axe Bat?
- The Axe Handle produces a more natural swing. - The Axe Handle helps produce the proper palm up palm down contact point.

- Axe Bats help prevent the number one hand injury for hitters – Broken Hamate Bone.

- The Axe Handle is designed based on the bio mechanics of your swing. This means, Better Range of Motion, Better Bat Speed & Better Control of your bat.

- Axe Bats give you the best grip of strength with the least amount of tension on your hands and forearms.

- Allows both of your hands to work independently of each other. - In 2017 60+ Hitters in Major League Baseball hit with an Axe Bat.
- A traditional knob has been used for 150+ years with zero innovation. The Axe Handle was designed to help improve every single aspect of a players swing.
- A traditional knob on bats does not help with grip, the Axe Bat is tailored to improve grip and feel for every hitter.
- The machine that originally created traditional handles was not built for bats; it was used for tables and chairs. The Axe Bat Handle machine was designed by engineers to create a handle that actually benefits hitters.

Arguably the most innovative company in the game of baseball and softball, Axe is becoming the fastest growing brand in Major League Baseball. Axe claims, “We created a handle designed for the way your hand grips the bat, and that improved grip is scientifically proven to enhance your bat speed and barrel control”. The Axe handle supports the most natural and efficient movement through the hitting zone. The Axe handle has single-handedly cut down on the number one hand injury in baseball, a broken hamate bone. Two of the best hitters in the MLB (George Springer and Mookie Betts) trust Axe, why shouldn’t you?

Axe bat has not just stopped at producing superior Major League Baseball wood bats. Axe Bat also makes metal baseball bats and softball bats for every level. They make bats all the way from T-ball to Slowpitch softball and everything in between. Axe even backs their products with a NO RISK 30-day trial on all of their alloy and composite models. You can use your Axe bat as much as you want for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, you can receive a full refund. Axe Bat is designing products that are the future of our beautiful game.