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Axe Bat - Axe Handle Baseball & Softball Bats

Axe Bat - Axe Handle Baseball & Softball Bats

Why should you choose an Axe Handle? Why should you purchase an Axe Bat?
- The Axe Handle produces a more natural swing. - The Axe Handle helps produce the proper palm up palm down contact point.

- Axe Bats help prevent the number one hand injury for hitters Broken Hamate Bone.

- The Axe Handle is designed based on the bio mechanics of your swing. This means, Better Range of Motion, Better Bat Speed & Better Control of your bat.

- Axe Bats give you the best grip of strength with the least amount of tension on your hands and forearms.

- Allows both of your hands to work independently of each other. - In 2017 60+ Hitters in Major League Baseball hit with an Axe Bat.
- A traditional knob has been used for 150+ years with zero innovation. The Axe Handle was designed to help improve every single aspect of a players swing.
- A traditional knob on bats does not help with grip, the Axe Bat is tailored to improve grip and feel for every hitter.
- The machine that originally created traditional handles was not built for bats; it was used for tables and chairs. The Axe Bat Handle machine was designed by engineers to create a handle that actually benefits hitters.