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BBCOR Baseball Bats

Bases Loaded is California’s biggest retailer of BBCOR Baseball Bats. BBCOR is the stamp used for High School Baseball, College Baseball, Men’s Baseball, and some USSSA Travel Ball tournaments. Whether you play High School, College or you’re just a weekend warrior, Bases Loaded is your spot to shop. No matter the time of year, we stock the best bats from all the major bat manufacturers; Adidas, DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Marucci and Rawlings. We also demo bats so if you’re torn between two bats, come stop by our retail location and take some hacks off the tee! If you’re looking for a new bat for the upcoming season or your old one is starting to lose its pop, look no further than Bases Loaded, the Baseball and Softball Superstore.


Since the introduction of aluminum bats in 1974 the baseball world has seen a steady increase in performance and power at both the High School and Collegiate level. With runs scored per game, batting averages and home runs increasing at such a dramatic rate NCAA was forced to implement specific standards to help balance the game. In 1986 NCAA introduced a weight limit standard that was not technically a performance standard but the fact that hollow aluminum bats can be made significantly lighter in weight than solid wood bats, alloy bats allowed for greater bat swing speeds and better bat control. In the 1998 College World Series USC played Arizona State University and won 21-14, breaking 35 of the 111 College World Series records and tying 17 more. In 1999 NCAA implemented the BESR standard to regulate the performance of aluminum and composite bats. In addition, the NCAA reduced the maximum barrel diameter and introduced the -3 bat weight. In 2009 the NCAA discovered a large percentage of composite BESR approved bats were performing at a level that exceeds the BESR performance standards. This led to the NCAA banning composite bats and by 2011 instituting the new BBCOR standard. As of January 1st 2011 the BBCOR standard was required to be used on all -3 bats being used for High School and Collegiate play. The new BBCOR standard was set after extensive laboratory testing of a large number of wood, metal and composite bats. The NCAA abandoned the BESR standard and replaced it with the new BBCOR .50 standard. The new BBCOR standard effectively requires non-wood bats to produce a batted ball speed no greater than a wood bat. Now some would say this is a huge downgrade for High School and Collegiate Baseball, but really what BBCOR Baseball Bats have done was force teams to focus more on station to station play and turning players into all around hitters, not just guys who live and die by the home run. While aluminum bats have been around for over 40 years, some of the biggest and best BBCOR bat manufacturers have continued to thrive in the bat market. Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini and Rawlings still make great performing BBCOR bats, with newcomers like Mizuno, Combat and Marucci grabbing a larger share of the market with their amazing and powerful BBCOR bats.