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Dudley Softballs & Dudley Softball Bats

Dudley is the premier softball maker for Fastpitch Softball and Slowpitch Softball. Bases Loaded Provides thousands of dozens of balls all over the United States for NFHS and ASA Leagues & Tournaments.

Dudley Practice Softballs are great for teams and players who are constantly grinding away in the cages. No need to hit game balls when Dudley and Bases Loaded offers a cheaper alternative to make sure you get your cage reps in daily.
Dudley is the only major brand that is solely focused on softball, slow pitch, and fastpitch. You could say Dudley is SOFTBALL SERIOUS! Dudley has made major investments and has put a lot of sweat equity into being the #1 brand in softball sales. Dudley has had more states adopt their ball as the official NFHS softball than any other company. They have also been named as the official ball of USSSA Slowpitch Softball. But Dudley is not content with that. They are expanding their horizons by introducing not only high-performance slowpitch bats but by making high-performance youth fastpitch bats. Dudley will continue to strive at being one of the top brands in softball, and being SOFTBALL SERIOUS!