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Metal Softball Cleats

The connection between any fastpitch softball player and the field literally starts with their cleat. Bases Loaded only carries the highest of quality metal softball cleats, which means you can trust any of the cleats below. Without balance and traction, even the most elite fastpitch athletes couldn’t perform at the level they need to. But most importantly, if you ask any high-level softball athlete, they’ll tell you their cleats are their most important part of their uniform. So, choose from our wide selection of fastpitch softball metal cleats!
Every softball player can’t wait to get their first pair of metal softball cleats. Bases Loaded has one of the best selections in the country. With top fastpitch cleat brands such as Mizuno, New Balance, Under Armour, and Adidas. With these softball cleats there are different cleat patterns that can make it more comfortable or gives you better traction. With softball Metal Cleats can make a different in performance. If you have any questions on fit or style of fastpitch metal cleats please call us at 866-983-0633 and talked to one of our trained associates. Be your best with the with a new pair of metal cleats from Bases Loaded.