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Molded Softball Cleats

Still canít wear metal cleats, and tired of wearing through rubber cleats? Look no further! Bases Loaded has an extensive selection of molded softball cleats. There are even a lot of professional players switching from metal to molded cleats because of how light they are. Molded cleats can also last longer than metal and rubber cleats as well. But most importantly, molded cleats are the perfect steppingstone between rubber cleats and metal cleats. Choose from any of our high quality molded fastpitch softball cleats below!
If Metal cleats just donít feel right or your just not old enough for softball metal cleats yet. Check out the huge selection of fastpitch softball molded cleats here at Bases Loaded. Molded cleats can be some of the most comfortable cleats you have ever worn. With fastpitch softball molded cleats from the top brands Mizuno, New Balance, Under Armour, and Adidas there will be a perfect softball cleat for you. Molded cleats come in more comfortable rubber cleat and also a better traction plastic style. You see more and more players switching to molded cleats. The reason is that most of them are more comfortable and they are lighter weight. Need help finding the right softball cleat please call us at 866-983-0633 and talk to one of our trained associates. Looking for a high quality molded softball cleat look no further than Bases Loaded.