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Turf/Coaches Shoes

Players, coaches, and umpires deserve to have shoes that will provide comfort but also help them in action when the time comes. Whether it’s on dirt, turf, or grass, we have brought in shoes from companies like Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance, and Under Armour because they have proven to simply get the job done for everyone. Check out our selection below!

Baseball Turf Shoes

Traction and comfort are the most important aspects of a quality turf shoe. Here at Bases Loaded, we only bring in turf shoes that provide both of those. Whether it’s a hitting lesson or a game on a turf field, all of these babies will keep you comfortable and on your feet. Dirt, turf, or grass, you won’t fall on your… but with any of these turf shoes during your workout or game.

With more and more facilities switching from grass to turf, the need for turf shoes is quickly rising. Many Major League Baseball players wear turfs during their pre-game routines and workouts. Turf shoes are also a great shoe for off-season workouts and batting cage sessions. And most of all, turf shoes and trainers are ideal for any coach at any level because coaches also need a shoe that provides comfort and functionality all day long. Nothing is worse than when a coach takes his frustrations out on players. Give him fewer reasons to get on you and your teammates by providing him with a comfortable shoe that he can wear all day long.