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Glove Lace

Whether itís a repair or customizing your ball glove, Bases Loaded has all of the glove lace you could ever need. We only bring in the highest quality glove lace on the market. Giving your glove a makeover or repairing a certain part can now be easier and customize-able. Not only do we have traditional lace colors, but we also carry bright, vibrant colors to set your glove apart. Choose from our extensive collection of glove laces.
Looking to give your glove some flash or trying to repair it. Here at Bases Loaded we have glove lace for you. Not only do we have multiple sizes of lace, (3/16 and 1/4) we also have a variety of different colors to choose from. Made from Genuine American Rawhide these laces are strong and will bring life back to any glove. These glove laces are from the top brands, Rawlings Tanner and Mizuno. Give your glove a makeover or repair it with brand new lace.