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Maxbat is the 7th most commonly used wood bat by MLB Starters with approximately *2-3% of MLB Starters using their high-quality maple wood bats. The biggest MaxBat hitters are Brandon Crawford, Hunter Pence, and Will Myers. MaxBat's are known for there large barrels and unique models, do not overlook a brand that is on the rise!

Dominate your competition with MaxBat. MaxBat makes professional grade wood bats that will leave your opponent speechless. Every MaxBat wood bat at bases loaded is a maple wood bat. The maple wood bats made from MaxBat has superior pop and performance and are made for high-level players. These MaxBat wood bats that are carried here at bases loaded all custom bases loaded colorways. That makes these wood bats from MaxBats are custom wood bats. Who doesn’t like a wood bat that is custom and not too many people have? In the MaxBat wood bats, we have a vast amount of different models perfect for any type of hitter. We have wood bat models from MaxBat that are end loaded,(usually preferred by power hitters) also have balanced wood bats. (Great for Gap to Gap hitters) For superior performance and quality in a wood bat, try MaxBat maple wood bats. These wood do not disappoint and will you happy with your purchase.

MaxBat Wood Bats