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Old Hickory baseball equipment

Old Hickory Baseball Bats

Established in 1999, Old Hickory Bat Company has grown into one of the largest wood bat companies in the game. Old Hickory's team consists of over 35 years of combined experience both in the wood bat manufacturing arena and on the professional playing field. Every order Old Hickory receives is cut from the same wood and treated with the same care as each Major League players' bat. Constructed from wood grown in the Northeastern United States and Canada, Each Old Hickory bat isn't cut until the order has been placed, meaning each Old Hickory bat is extremely fresh and hasn't been sitting on the shelf for 6 months to a year.

Old Hickory is used by some of the best power hitters in baseball and is used by approximately *8-11% of MLB Starters. Some of the players that use Old Hickory's super high quality maple wood bats are: Mike Trout, Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, Charlie Blackmon, JD Martinez, and Josh Donaldson. Players that swing with Old Hickory wood bats love to hit home runs and win MVP's, and we think each year they will continue to grow as a company. Old Hickory Wood Bats are the number 4 most used wood bats by MLB Starters.
Drop tank and hit lasers to the gaps with Old Hickory wood bats. There is a reason that Old Hickory wood baseball bats are one of the top brands used in Professional Baseball. These Maple wood bats from Old Hickory are phenomenal and are used by some of the best players in baseball. AKA Mike Trout. Mike Trout is arguably the best player and hitter in the game. He has his own professional model that is made from MLB grade maple wood. Mike Trout is not the only player that use Old Hickory wood bats. Old Hickory has many more pros as well, such as J.D Martinez (He Rakes), Matt Olson, Yasiel Puig, and many others. Old Hickory wood bats are a Top 5 Company used by MLB Starters. The professional Models come in various barrel sizes and handle thickness to please any player. This will give every model a different feel, find the right Old Hickory Wood Baseball Bat for you.