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Rip-It got its start manufacturing field-masks out of a garage to provide safety without impeding a fielderís vision, something that did not exist at the time. Family owned and operated, Rip-It maintains its small-business, family-oriented ways despite being one of the biggest growing softball companies to date. By always putting the customer and athlete first, Rip-It has been able to blow up in popularity. Best known for their high quality Defense Softball Fielderís Mask, Rip-It has also expanded into Batting Helmets, Softball Backpacks, and even offer replacement Ponytail Straps and Mask Chin Cups. Rip-Its mission has been to improve the athletic experience through high performance and innovative softball gear and itís safe to say they have achieved that.

Rip-It Softball Helmets & Rip-It Softball Equipment