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Rip-It got its start manufacturing field-masks out of a garage to provide safety without impeding a fielderís vision, something that did not exist at the time. Family owned and operated, Rip-It maintains its small-business, family-oriented ways despite being one of the biggest growing softball companies to date. By always putting the customer and athlete first, Rip-It has been able to blow up in popularity. Best known for their high quality Defense Softball Fielderís Mask, Rip-It has also expanded into Batting Helmets, Softball Backpacks, and even offer replacement Ponytail Straps and Mask Chin Cups. Rip-Its mission has been to improve the athletic experience through high performance and innovative softball gear and itís safe to say they have achieved that.

Rip-It Softball Helmets & Rip-It Softball Equipment

Rip-Itís main goal from the beginning has been to provide female athletes with the most innovative and advanced softball gear in the world. Rip-It was founded by Mike Polstein because of a freak incident. Mikeís daughter, Lauren, went to hit a low pitch and had the ball pop straight up and hit her face fairly hard. After the incident, she was forced to use a batterís face guard. Her hitting was drastically suffering due to the face guard impeding her vision. That is when Mike Polstein decided to take matters into his own hands.
With a background in engineering, Mike Polstein started to create a faceguard that Lauren could wear all game. Little did he know, his creation would become what we now know as Rip-It Softball. Mike had created a face guard that was not only lightweight and comfortable but a guard that would not obstruct Laurenís on-field vision. In little time, Mike had begun to start making face guards out of his garage for Laurenís teammates and even opposing players in the area. Mike had no idea what Rip-It would soon become.
Rip-It has quickly become the most trusted name in softball. Rip-It believes in their products and the athletes that use them. They have even come out with a policy where if an athlete suffers an injury as a direct result of a softball striking any of their helmets or masks, Rip-It will help cover up to $5,000 of your medical costs. This policy speaks volumes to their continual chase of the playerís success and safety. Rip-Itís mission and goals of safe, stylish gear has never been more prevalent and has never disappeared throughout the years in the sport of softball.