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Tanner Tee Pro 26"-43" - Baseball & Softball Batting Tee

Tanner Tee Pro 26"-43" - Baseball & Softball Batting Tee
Tanner Tee Pro 26"-43" - Baseball & Softball Batting Tee
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Tanner Tees took the best batting tee on the market and made it more durable, more portable and sturdier. Introducing the all new Tanner Tee Pro, this baseball and softball batting tee is the highest rated hitting tee on the market. Seen in dugouts across America, the Tanner Tee Pro is used at all levels of baseball and softball including, Little League, Travel Ball, High School, College and at the Professional Level. This Tanner Tee batting tee is the standard adult size of 26”-43” and is fully adjustable. This is the tee you want your teams and children to be training with as it is fully adjustable for low pitches, high pitches, and pitches right down the middle. The Tanner Tee Pro has a new square base that does many things to show that this is the best baseball batting tee on the market. The Square base is thin which makes it easy to fit or slide in any bag or backpack, it has a cutout slit which makes it easy to carry and transport by hand and it is weighted to reduce the tee moving or falling over. The top of the tee is the most important feature of the Tanner Tee Pro. The Hand-Rolled Flex top is so durable that most people use Tanner Tees for 5 years or longer! When hitting you do not feel the tee on contact, you feel direct contact with the ball. With all this said, The Tanner Tee Pro is the tee you need to step your game up.

- Tanner Tee Pro Baseball Batting Tee

- 26”-43” Adjustable Stem

- Weighted Base – Reduces tipping and movement during mishits

- Thin Square Base – Easy Transportation in bags or backpacks

- Cut out Base – Easy Transportation by hand

- #1 Tee at all levels of Baseball & Softball

- Ultra-Durable Flex Top – On Contact you feel the ball not the tee

- Tanner Tee Pro Softball Batting Tee

- Fast and Free Shipping!

Tanner Tee Pro 26"-43" - Baseball & Softball Batting Tee

Tanner Tees are already the best tees the game has to offer, but somehow, they’ve just gotten that much better. As the most portable tee in the game, the brand new Tanner Tee Pro features easy height adjustments that are topped with a hand-rolled rubber FlexTop. The hand-rolled rubber FlexTop sits the ball high and visible, allowing hitters with the best feel and contact, creating the most realistic hitting experience off a tee. But you may be asking yourself, what makes this different from their popular regular tee? The Tanner Tee Pro has been designed with a larger rubber weighted base, being a full inch and a half larger than the basic Tanner Tee. The extra weight on the base provides the most solid footing possible, while also preventing any extra movement or tipping. There’s a reason this tee is called the Tanner Tee Pro Baseball and Softball Batting Tee. - Tanner Tee Pro 26” – 43” Baseball and Softball Batting Tee - 10.5” Weighted Base - Hand-Rolled FlexTop: allows feel at contact for most realistic hitting experience. - Easy Height Adjustments: patented friction technology provides smooth, simple adjustments to cover various training heights. - Portable: thin, square base is easy to slide into any bat bag. - Fits Both Baseball and Softball