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Batting Tees

All professional hitters will tell you that tee work is one of the most important things to becoming an elite hitter. Every Major League clubhouse has a tee in their batting cages. At Bases Loaded, all of our batting tees and tee accessories are the best on the market and trusted by the pros. So, whether you’re a little league player or a 4-time MLB All-Star, you need to get your tee work in! There’s no better place to get your batting tee than at Bases Loaded.
Tee work can be one of the most important things to a hitters success. At Bases Loaded we understand that and have a wide selection of different batting tees. We have batting tees for all ages from the youth to the adult. Also, have tees for all experiences levels from first-time players to MLB All-Stars. We have tees from brands like Tanner, Champion, Bownet, Rawlings, Easton, and others. If you want to be a better more consistent hitter you have to practice and the easiest way to practice your swing is with a batting tee.