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Victus Wood Bats are the #2 most used wood bat by MLB Starters at approximately *13-18% of MLB Starters hitting with a high quality Victus wood bat. Victus is still a newer brand but as you can see by the second highest percent, they are quickly growing. Some of the biggest names in Baseball use Victus including: 2017 MVP Jose Altuve, 2018 Early MVP Candidate Mookie Betts, Carlos Correa, 2017 World Series MVP George Springer, Bryce Harper, and Baseballs best hitting Catcher Gary Sanchez. This list of players features some of the best PURE hitters in Baseball and this would easily be one of the most feared lineups in Baseball. Victus Pro Reserve bats come with a 45 day warranty from date of purchase just to give you a little more confidence at the plate. (If we had to bet on it, we would say 10/10 times you would not use the warranty, these Victus Wood Bats are that good!)

Victus Wood Bats

Victus has grown into one of the most elite wood bat manufacturers at every level of baseball around the country. With the finest in craftsmanship and quality, Victus has become the second most popular bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. Some notable players are Mookie Betts, Gary Sanchez, Luke Voit, Derek “Bee Keeper” Dietrich, Bryce Harper, and what seems like more than half of the Houston Astro’s roster. But with that said, there are more and more professional ball players that are making the switch to Victus.
One thing that Victus does that sets them apart from other bat companies will surprise you. On every Victus wood bat, there is an outer coating on the entire bat that makes it almost impossible for it to dent. The coating allows less give in the barrel causing harder hit balls and higher batting averages. The fine people at Victus are so confident in their product that they offer a 45-day warranty on all of their wood bats (this excludes Axe and Grit Matte models).
Taking baseball by storm, Victus wood bats broke into the Big Leagues in 2012 and is the fastest growing wood bat since. It is the number 2 would bat used by MLB starters and keeps growing. Victus wood bats only use the highest grade maple wood that is out there. Players such as Bryce Harper, Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and many more use Victus wood bats Victus has to a different line of wood bats both professional quality. The Pro Reserve is Victus’s best wood bat and has the strongest coating on a wood bat for better durability and superior pop. The Victus wood baseball bats come in a range of different models to bigger barrels that are more end loaded, to smaller more taper barrels that are more balanced. Victus Pro Reserve wood baseball bats come with a 45-day warranty from date of purchase just to give you a little more confidence at the plate. The Grit series of professional quality maple wood bat has a different coating on it. It has more of sandpaper feel to help the give you a better feel off the barrel better. These wood bats also from Victus also come in a ton of different models to give you a chance to pick to correct bat for you. Some the best hitters in the game have chosen to swing Victus wood bats, so should you.