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Wilson A2000

Over 50 years ago Wilson created the glove that would forever change the game of Baseball, the Wilson A2000. Since its creation, the A2000 has become one of the most popular ball gloves in Baseball and Softball, along with being the official glove of Major League Baseball. The name A2000 is more than just a name, it’s quality, dedication, innovation, and hard work. Each Wilson A2000 is meticulously refined until it is absolutely perfect, and only the highest quality American Steerhide Pro Stock Leather has the privilege to become a Wilson A2000.

A2000 Features

Pro Stock Leather – The Wilson A2000 Pro Stock Leather is American Steerhide prized by professional players for its rugged durability and unmatched feel. Dual-Welting – The “exposed edges” of leather along each finger back. Each finger of the A2000 features two welts to provide the most durable pocket and long lasting break in.
Dri-Lex – Ultra-breathable wrist lining transfers moisture from the skin, keeping your hand cool and dry. SuperSkin – Demanded by some of Wilson’s top athletes, SuperSkin is 2x stronger than cowhide leather, but only ½ the weight.
Strategic Design – Wilson uses the perfect materials in every place on the Wilson A2000 to give you leather where it counts, and SuperSkin everywhere else, for the lightest playing glove on the market. 3x More Craftsman Shaping – A master technician spends 3x more time pounding and shaping your Wilson A2000 by hand at the factory.
Pro Stock Patterns – Exclusive hand designed patterns continuously improved by Aso-san and the Wilson Advisory Staff year after year.