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adidas baseball and softball equipment

Adidas Baseball & Softball Equipment

At Adidas their love for sport drives them to help athletes perform better, play better, and feel better. Adidas products break records, set trends, and make history every single day all over the world. Adidas sees a shoe as more than just padding and foam. Everything they do is bound by one simple thought; they strive to help you perform at your absolute best. With dedication, commitment and team spirit, Adidas continuously innovates to establish new benchmarks in everything they do, shaping the sporting goods industry into one that promotes greatness from every single athlete.
Since 1949 Adidas has been helping players of all sports move forward on their path to greatness. Known around the world, Adidas produces over 778 million product units from Soccer to Baseball, Golf to Track and Field. With a focus on helping athletes perform better, play better, and feel better, Adidas has turned a small 47 employee company into a global brand that employees more than 55,000 people worldwide. No other brand has a more distinguished history and a stronger connection with sports than Adidas.

While Adidas has been involved in baseball for decades, it wasnít until recently that they decided to really jump into the baseball and softball world with both feet. Adidas baseball cleats are now one of the fastest growing lines in our store and for good reason. All Adidas baseball cleats feature some of the world most innovative design features and styling for amazing comfort, durability and feel. The Adidas Adizero Afterburner 3 is their most advanced cleat available featuring an anodized SPRINTSKIN upper, a LITESTRIKE EVA midsole, and a lightweight SPRINTFRAME outsole. The advanced technology used on the Afterburner 3 makes it the lightest and fastest cleat on the market. Along with the Afterburner 3, Adidas also makes the popular wheelhouse 4, PowerAlley 4 and Speed Trainer 2.

Adidas didnít just stop at baseball and softball cleats and call it a day, they also ventured into the baseball bat market, designing a bat that has quickly become a store favorite and a favorite of many players across the country. Both of the Adidas baseball bats available today are made from some of the best materials available. The Adidas Aero Burner features a single piece alloy design for explosive power and amazing control. Taking cues from the 2016 Adidas RBZ and technology for Adidas Taylor Made golf line, the new Adidas Aero Burner is a full composite two piece bat with a finely tuned weight distribution for increased swing speeds and outstanding power. Both these Adidas baseball bats have taken the baseball world by storm and are now being used by some of the best D1 schools in the country.

Adidas isnít just a footwear company, the Adidas apparel line for baseball provides a level of comfort never before seen on the baseball field. The Adidas menís sonic and fielder sliders provide outstanding protection from sliding abrasion and amazing support and compression for better blood flow and improved range of motion. Adidas batting gloves also help improve bat feel and grip while providing added protection from blisters.

Now in the year 2017 Adidas is focused on continually improving each and every Adidas baseball product they offer. Adidas believes that through sports they have the power to change lives, and we believe that too. They work every day to inspire and enable people to harness the power of sport. Adidas isnít just a brand, itís a lifestyle.