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Oakley sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley-30 Years of Defining the Face of Sport

Founded in 1975, Oakley has grown into the largest sports and lifestyle sunglasses company. Oakley is driven to ignite the imagination through the fusion of science and art to redefine performance technology and fashion. Its icon is embraced by the global culture of sport competitors who define their own lifestyle. Decades of innovation, Oakley continues to strive to redefine the limits of possibility.
Oakley has become a household name, and rightfully so. They have been pushing the envelope in performance sunglasses since 1975. Oakley has now become officially licensed by Major League Baseball. Oakley is even the most trusted brand by our United States Military. Oakley has always used scientific research and athlete feedback to develop all of their products. Oakley has been a global icon to sports enthusiasts year after year.

Oakley’s Prizm technology was designed to enrich every color and every detail known to man through the lenses of Oakley sunglasses. Prizm technology creates the most vivid, and vibrant colors. Prizm increases depth perception and accentuates features in any environment, making Prizm better than the naked eye. Oakley has even refined their Prizm technology by making specific Prizm lenses for shallow water, golf, baseball, road, trail, and snow. Each specified lens is made precisely for each environment. Oakley’s Prizm technology is the most advanced technology not only in eyewear but in all of the sports.