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New Balance Baseball and Softball Equipment

New Balance Baseball & Softball

Be A Game Changer – Baseball continues to be a driving force at New Balance. Investing heavily in product innovation, New Balance has created the best cleats and apparel the game has ever seen. Taking notes from the game’s best players, New Balance has been able to create cleats that are not only fashionable but functional. The new 4040v4 is just one of the many cleats New Balance has designed that has taken the game by storm. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, New Balance makes the 4040v4 in metal, molded, turf and youth models.

New Balance Baseball Cleats & New Balance Softball Cleats

New Balance has produced a cult following for the remarkable products they create on a daily basis. Taking notes from the game’s best players, New Balance has been able to create cleats that are not only fashionable but functional. The technology New Balance has imputed into every cleat they manufacture is precise with every aspect of the game covered. From Baseball to Softball and even as an umpire, New Balance has you covered with some of the finest cleats and turfs the game has ever seen.

New Balance has emerged as one of the top apparel and cleat brands in both softball and baseball. New Balance has been regarded as “the most comfortable cleat in the game” by players around Major League Baseball. Notable professional players that wear New Balance are Francisco Lindor, Jose Altuve, Yoenis Cespedes, Miguel Cabrera, and Ronald Acuna Jr. New Balance now has five manufacturing facilities in New England and is thrilled to be producing most of its products in the United States. New Balance is always striving to perfect their craft and products.

Making a splash in baseball footwear, they have now broadened their horizons by producing the most comfortable women’s softball cleats to compliment their innovative men’s cleats. When New Balance came out with the women’s 4040v1 cleat a few years back, they took the softball world by storm. Most softball athletes had never heard of New Balance, which meant they were resistant to try them. But when more and more pairs of New Balance cleats were popping up on softball diamonds across the country, girls were flocking to stores to purchase the most comfortable softball cleat in the game. New Balance’s pursuit of high-end softball cleats hasn’t stopped yet. The new Velo1 model is offered in metal, turf, or molded option. And yes, they are still the most comfortable cleat in the game of softball.

New Balance has also gotten their feet wet in baseball and softball apparel. And just like their cleats, New Balance men’s and women’s apparel is one of the most comfortable in the game. They make everything from t-shirts to actual baseball and softball pants. One of the coolest things is their undershirts that are made specifically for the left and right-handed throwing players. If that doesn’t scream innovation, I don’t know what does. New Balance has set a standard in on and off-field apparel.

New Balance has become a brand for players, and a brand centered towards the athletes. New Balance currently has a “La Familia” collection that honors Francisco Lindor’s Puerto Rican heritage. New Balance wants all players at every level to be able to express themselves. They now offer customizable options in all of their cleats. This goes to show that New Balance is never content with being one of the leading brands in the sport, but to be “The” leading brand in the sport.