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Fungo Bats

Fungo Bats are made for coaches to consistently hit balls for infield and outfield practice. Though fungo bats aren’t made to hit moving balls, they have a ton of pop when hitting a tossed ball to accurately simulate a live, game situation type hit. A good fungo bat is essential for any coach at any level in softball and baseball. At Bases Loaded, we only carry the highest of quality fungo bats. Choose from our wide variety of brands and sizes!
Have to consistence of hitting prestige grounder and fly balls with a New Fungo Bat. Fungo bats make coaches lives so much easier. There are different type of fungo bats as well. There are fungo bats that are meant for hitting just ground balls 33” fungo. The outfield fungo bat would be 37”. However, if you for a fungo to hit both fly balls and ground balls a 35” fungo is good for both. Fungo bats are made from different type of woods metal and other materials. Bases loaded have all the top fungo brands from SSK, Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Easton, Mizuno, Marucci and many others. For more information on fungo bats please call us at 866-983-0633 and talk to one of our extremely knowledgeable associates.