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Wood Bats

Wood Baseball Bats

At Bases Loaded we carry a wide variety of wood bats that are used at all levels of Baseball. Our wood bats are used in little league, travel ball, high school, college and even the pros. We supply Baseball Equipment to all levels of Baseball including MLB; we have supplied equipment for players like Brett Gardner, Jose Abreu, Jack Flaherty, and countless others.
Here at Bases Loaded we carry an enormous amount and variety of wood Baseball Bats. Doesn’t matter if you are a first time wood bat user to a professional we will have a wood bat for you. We carry Pro model wood bats in Rawlings, Victus, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, Chandler, AXE and more. These wood bats come with professional grades and are loved by countless of hitters. There is a variety of different type of wood options from Maple, (the most dense, least flex of any wood, Most used by MLB players.) to Ash, (Most flex, lightest feeling wood, Original wood that was used to make wood bats.) and last but not least Birch,( Almost as hard as maple but with more flex. A hybrid between ash and maple.) Wood bats are the purest form of a bat. There is not a one size fits all wood bat. They come in different types of models for different type of players or feel. Some are endloaded while some are balanced, and come with different lengths of barrels and handle thicknesses. One of the most popular models used by a customer is the 71 model (One of the most balanced wood bats on the market). This model has different names for different companies. For example, Louisville C271, Victus JC24, Mostly ever brand has a 71 and it usually has those numbers is the model of the bat. We carry a mass variety of wood bat models and help fit any type of hitter from power hitter to contact hitters. Hitters that like endloaded to balance bats. There is also different models with different size handle thickness to accommodate every type of feel the player likes. At Bases Loaded we also have composite wood bats, which has better durability but still with the wood bat feel. We also carry youth models as well perfect for little leaguers and those elite travel ball players. For any type of occasion from cage work, practice, or Game Time we have the wood bat for you here at Bases Loaded. For help picking the right type of wood bat please contact us and speak to a trained associate at 866-983-0633