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Nets & Screens

Ask any Major League ball player and they’ll tell you that practice is one of the most important aspects to becoming an elite baseball or softball player. Having a training net or screen is a must if you want to practice your craft. Simulating game-like situations or even live batting practice is almost impossible without a screen or net. At Bases Loaded, all of our nets and screens are used and trusted by some of the top athletes and programs around the country. Choose from our variety of training nets and screens and get to practicing!
From protection to practice, Bases Loaded has the Nets or Screens for you. If your looking for Protections Nets, such as L-screens, Bases loaded carries some of the best brands. This includes Champro, Bownet, Easton, and others. When it comes to nets one of the best companies is Bownet. Bownet has hitting nets, body screens, hitting stations and of course the Big Mouth. Bases Loaded has all you need when it comes to nets and screens.